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Events Marketer


Here at Mavenoid, we believe that customer service is the service. Customers now demand support on their own terms. They want expert help, around the clock, via any channel, without having to repeat themselves. To meet these expectations, companies are using chatbots to create self-service experiences that are available anytime and everywhere. We think these chatbots need less chat, more troubleshooting.

That’s why we built Mavenoid. We’re helping companies automate technical support through virtual experts that actually work. It’s troubleshooting as a service. We’re building the platform for making technology work. To put technical expertise at anyone’s fingertips. To repair more and replace less. Working with some of the biggest brands in the world, today our platform is used to troubleshoot everything from robotic lawnmowers and digital cameras to trucks and cranes.

We see tremendous interest in our product when meeting decision makers from our target companies at world-wide events, during conferences and through other event marketing activities. This is currently one of our main marketing channels but we believe there is an amazing opportunity to leverage it much more. This is where you come in.

What you'll do

  • Use your expertise, your experience and a data-driven approach to identify relevant event marketing activities - in Europe and the US now but eventually globally
  • With high ambition and the end results in mind, creatively optimize Mavenoid’s participation at each activity
  • Attend events together with other sales- or marketing staff and turn your ambitious tactics into actual results that you bring back to the team
  • Produce Mavenoid’s events all over the world: webinars, breakfast seminars and at least one annual international tech support conference with 100+ attendees
  • Collaborate with Mavenoid’s marketing and sales team in improving the event marketing machine

The location for the role is potentially flexible, but for the purpose of collaboration we encourage you to work at our office in Stockholm.


  • Maximizing the number of MQLs generated from event marketing activities
  • Own everything that relates to Mavenoid’s physical presence at events and conferences
  • Build Mavenoid’s events from scratch: from ideation and creation to marketing and execution
  • Contribute to a learning culture with regards to event marketing strategies and tactics


  • You have a track record of successfully and with measurable results working with event marketing for B2B companies
  • You have good social skills - as well as a relentless drive and hustle to put those skills to use in as many and as good opportunities as possible. Also: you’re able to define “good”, and you intuitively understand what we mean with “as many as possible” too.
  • You’re willing and able to travel for work, and you see it as an opportunity to achieve results you can’t find elsewhere.
  • You are intellectually curious and honest
  • Bonus: you have experience from other aspects of the B2B sales- and marketing stack: content marketing, social media, communications, sales and business development

What we offer

The upsides of joining a small company early: outsized impact, real ownership and accountability, hard problems, faster learning, quicker decisions, less bureaucracy, and meaningful equity combined with fair comp.


  • Spikiness – You have one superpower, and we don't care if you are weak in other areas
  • Intellectual Honesty – You are radical about truth and candid to a fault
  • Selective Intensity – You are an 80/20 person who gets the right things done
  • Eternal Troubleshooting – You don’t tolerate brokenness, and can establish loops that identifies and eliminates it
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