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AI/ML Engineer


Here at Mavenoid, we’re building a human-friendly, intelligent troubleshooting platform to help people find the cause of technical problems and fix them. Our platform is used by some of the world’s most important organizations to repair everything from robotic lawn mowers and dishwashers to trucks and cranes. We’re looking for an exceptionally talented and motivated software engineer to help us redefine the way organizations repair products, making AI-guided troubleshooting as accessible as electricity.

What you'll do

  1. Devise intelligent, scalable software systems that combine human knowledge and observations with machine learning and data
  2. Innovate on ways Mavenoid makes troubleshooting as accessible as electricity
  3. Implement new machine learning algorithms
  4. Build customer-facing interfaces that helps some of the world’s most important organizations repair products

Who you are

  1. You love working on hard and valuable problems, no matter how challenging
  2. You are able to build a version 1 of almost anything in a week or two
  3. You may lean a little towards one end but you are strong at both frontend and backend web development
  4. You can solve a wide breadth of problems in much more direct or elegant ways than most

What we offer

The upsides of joining a small company early: outsized impact, real ownership and accountability, hard problems, faster learning, quicker decisions, less bureaucracy, and meaningful equity combined with fair comp.


  • Spikiness – You have one superpower, and we don't care if you are weak in other areas
  • Intellectual Honesty – You are radical about truth and candid to a fault
  • Selective Intensity – You are an 80/20 person who gets the right things done
  • Eternal Troubleshooting – You don’t tolerate brokenness, and can establish loops that identifies and eliminates it
How to applySend us a mail at careers@mavenoid.com explaining us the most impressive stuff you have done or built, and anything else you would like to share with us.Apply now