10 dos and don'ts in technical support

It’s no secret that tech support can make or break a business.

We’re living in the customer experience era, where users expect quick, seamless, high-quality service. And if you can’t provide that, they’ll move onto competitors with the click of a button.

In a Microsoft survey of 5,000 people across the globe, 96% of respondents said customer service is important to their choice of loyalty to a brand. What’s more, an American Express study found that ​​33% of U.S. customers would consider switching companies immediately following a single instance of poor service.

Looking to get ahead in a crowded market? Mavenoid is here to help. In this guide, we’ve compiled the top ten do’s and don’ts of tech support—sharing actionable tips for meeting modern customer needs, building a strong omnichannel strategy, and resolving product support issues in record time.

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