Our Solution

We build end-to-end troubleshooting solutions and diagnostic infrastructures

How It Works

Our human-centric approach to troubleshooting

Bring together all of your diagnostic data

We start with identifying and gathering all diagnostic information from disparate sources such as paper manuals, digital pdf manuals, log files, field reports, and legacy systems. Sometimes this information lives only in the heads of experts.

Turn the raw data into useful knowledge

All data is then merged into a human-friendly data model which is flexible yet highly efficient. Data is fundamentally modular, making it easy to iteratively grow the knowledge and manage it over time.

Optimize for human-driven troubleshooting

Each organization’s troubleshooting problem is different. The final step is to configure and customize the troubleshooting interface on top of the platform in close collaboration with your end users. If you need a new interface, say a new kind of troubleshooting chat bot or integration with your existing systems, we are happy to help, or support you in building it yourself.

Working With Us

We’re a Stockholm-based company with a singular focus on the troubleshooting problem

Deep Partnership

We play the long game of getting access to increasingly harder troubleshooting problems by doing deep work that has an impact. This calls for deep partnership, not outsourcing.

End-to-End Management

You get a dedicated deployment manager who is effectively the CEO of solving your complete problem, and who serves as a single point of contact.

Unique Expertise

Designing and deploying a troubleshooting system that people want to use requires getting thousands of small decisions right. We give you access to leading experts who have done it before.

Our Guarantees

Dependable Support

We will provide support as if your company was our company.

Defined Outcomes

Prices are affordable and for well-defined outcomes, not billable hours.

Quality Assured

If you’re not happy with our work, we don’t stop working until you are.

Use Cases

Some ways in which you can use our troubleshooting technology

Automotive Diagnostics

Mavenoid has been used to troubleshoot everything from commercial trucks to military terrain vehicles.

Telecom Diagnostics

We’re building the next-generation troubleshooting platform for telecom networks together with one of the largest telecom companies in the world.

Defense & Security

Our technology is used by military defense and civil security institutions, including the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration.

Decision Support

Leverage Mavenoid’s platform to build a decision support tool for executives and leadership.

Technical Support

Mavenoid is used across the different levels of customer support, which often span the supply chain of organizations.

System Self-Check

Embed Mavenoid into your products and leverage the open API to write your own self-check applications.

Custom Solution

Challenge us to build a custom solution in any problem space you can imagine.

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