Our Story

We build products that empower people to fix things that break

What We Do

Here at Mavenoid, we’re building the world’s smartest troubleshooting products, transforming the way problems are solved through a symbiosis of human and machine. We partner with some of the most important institutions in the world and empower their people to discover what’s wrong and correct it. Born out of the pressure of solving real-world diagnostic problems for the Swedish Armed Forces, our battle-tested technology is today used to troubleshoot everything from commercial trucks to telecom networks.

Why We Do It

We founded Mavenoid to organize troubleshooting knowledge and make it useful. Troubleshooting, the process of diagnosing a fault and correcting it, is a fundamentally hard scientific and engineering problem. It’s also an overlooked one. Most enterprises still rely on things like static manuals, inflexible decision trees, informal procedures, and knowledge that lives only in the heads of people. Expert problem solvers take a long time to train and when they leave the organization their knowledge is lost forever. Diagnostics should be a priority, like analytics or logistics, but it isn’t. The purpose of Mavenoid is to change that.